Frequently Asked Questions

How does your engagement usually start?

If consulting briefing is not prepared, our engagement usually starts with conducting
organizational diagnosis. Organizational diagnosis is a method used for analyzing the
organization in order to identify organizational shortcomings so they could be neutralized
through organizational change.

We assess influence factors, a goal of changes, stage of company life cycle and information
about the stakeholders with considerable influence.

What is consulting brief?

A consulting briefing is a document, prepared by client, that helps convey client expectations
and objectives to the potential consultant. The goals of such a document should be to allow
client to find out what solution a consultant proposes, how much it will cost and how long it
will take.

How do you establish your consulting fee?

When pricing our services, we take into consideration the value of the services rendered. We
make sure our clients receive the benefits and their money’s worth from our services.

The basis for any successful consulting project is the exchange of fair value between the
consultant and client. The consultant provides value in the form of advice or work, and the
client provides value back to the consultant in the form of paid fees.  If this exchange does
not include equal value for both sides, the relationship will not continue.

If we have control over activities within the client’s company that can affect the outcome of
our work we prefer to charge, to a greater extent, depending on performance results.

So, part of our fees can be added into a risk premium, which means we only get paid in full
when we, together with our clients, actually reach the goals that we have jointly developed
and implemented.

If we estimate that, for any reason, the client’s set goals is not viable, we generally do not
accept the assignment. Clear goals and clear measurability is the foundation of successful
business collaboration.

What sets you apart from other consultants?

Not each consulting company is same in terms of their size, expertise, services offered,
pricing, experience , location, skillset and many other parameters.

Transparency, communication and results are something that is necessary but our ability to
apply our knowledge in practice and thus solve the complex businesses problems set us

In our communication with our clients, we explain not only what we do, but what we can do for our clients, what benefits our clients can get from our services.

We are focusing onto client requirements and we consistently deliver impressive,
quantifiable results.

The most important is not whom you choose to work with, but which lasting results you will
achieve for your company success.

We work with the client, not at the client. The undertaking we engage in with our clients is